Last Push

The week of lasts is here.  Last long swim (4500y) is on Wednesday, last long run (20KM) is Thursday and last long bike (100KM) is Saturday.  Then it is taper time.  I have a love/hate relationship with this week.  It is a relief that some well deserved rest and recovery is on the horizon, fitness wise I am peaking and every workout feels amazingly strong and it is a nice look back at the previous 17 weeks and the goals achieved.

At the same time knowing taper is around the corner each workout is pushed harder and it is a fine balancing act to prevent any injury or illness from creeping in.  Go hard but not too hard.  The same goes with taper.  You don’t want to lose too much fitness but you want to be sure you are rested and recovered on race day.  Having had some time to play with the Planned PMC option in TrainingPeaks I am finding it a little easier.  To get it to work just enter your planned workouts as estimated TSS and IF.

TrainingPeaks v3.0.20120410 - Windows Internet Explorer-000005

Then select the proper view in the PMC options.

TrainingPeaks v3.0.20120410 - Windows Internet Explorer-000004

With that data entered you can modify your plan as required to ensure that you have the work/rest balance optimized.

TrainingPeaks v3.0.20120410 - Windows Internet Explorer-000002

I’ve played with the numbers for a bit to modify my plan a little based on the feedback from the PMC tool as well as my own experience the past two years.  Now if this could only help relieve the taper madness that is bound to set in by the middle of next week ;)