2014 in Pictures


2014 started like the last few years but ended with new challenges and adventures on the horizon.  Here is a look back at the year in pictures…                        



Epic. That was the keyword for the ITU Grand Finale. Everywhere, and I mean everywhere, you went the signs, banners, posters and flags were flying proudly. Edmonton really went all out for this event.  Call this a race report if you like, it is the closest thing I’m going to write to one.  I pretty […]

Swim Right


I recently posted something on running right with a gait analysis that Nicole and I worked on.  I learned a lot from it and mentioned I’ve been using my GoPro for us to work on certain things together.  Swimming was the initial reason (other than wanting a cool gadget) to buy the GoPro.  I’ve been […]

Swimmer Relief


Ahh chlorine.  If you swim you know this chemical well.   You know what it does to your hair, your skin.  You know it’s smell.  Your friends know it’s smell.  Everyone around you knows it’s smell. If you are a triathlete swimming happens on a regular occurrence and pools are a large part of that.  And […]

2013 By The Numbers


Total Races – 11 Personal Bests – 5 Podiums – 4 Celebrities met – 1 Swimming – 190873 Yards (108.5 miles) Cycling – 3832.87 miles Running – 731.11 miles Strength training – 37 hours 52 minutes Hours racing – 25 Hours training – 448 Distance driven to races – 10,600 KM Tanks of gas – […]